Wings of faith

I've called this painting "wings of faith" in the light of the verse"Everything is possible for one who believes." Mark 9:23
I believe in dreams, I believe in them because along the years many of my dreams did come true, I believe because I know in whose hands I've put them. On the other side I know that even when they didn't come true, they were replaced with better answers. In this way I found out the value and the blessing of the words "Yet not my will but Yours be done." Luke 22:42
Many years ago I've renounced to guide my life after the society's concept of "reality" where dreams are suffocated by fear and pragmatism.  It Is better to fail then not to try at all. So, my concept of reality is living by faith, in Christ. This faith gives to people freedom in spirit and courage to believe and fight until the last breath for their dreams. Dreams that have the purpose not only to fulfill the inner self,  but to bring glimpses of light in this world which is poisoned by fear, hate and egocentric love.

Am numit tabloul "aripi de credinta" in lumina versetului "Caci toate lucrurile ii sunt cu putinta celui ce crede." Marcu 9:23  
Cred in visele mele, cred pentru ca s-au implinit de fiecare data cand am crezut, cred pentru ca stiu in mainile Cui le-am incredintat, dar pe de alta parte stiu si ca atunci cand nu s-au implinit, ele au fost inlocuite cu raspunsuri mai bune. Astfel am aflat valoarea si binecuvantarea ce se afla in cuvintele "Totusi, faca-se nu voia mea, ci voia Ta." Luca 22:42
Am renuntat acum multa vreme sa-mi ghidez viata dupa conceptul de "realitate" al societatii in care visele sunt sufocate si incadrate in linii drepte, calculate exact dar care au de fiecare data un raspuns incomplet si neclar.  Asadar, conceptul meu de realitate, este credinta in Hristos si trairea prin credinta.  Aceasta credinta traita, daruieste omului o libertate a cugetului si curajul de a crede si a lupta pana la ultima suflare pentru visele curate, vise care au menirea nu doar sa ne implineasca pe noi insine ci care aduc raze de lumina in lumea aceasta otravita de frica, ura si iubire de sine.