On courage

On courage,

I am not going to write about the beautiful day with Monica at the greenhouse, when she photographed me and I painted her, oh well maybe I will say just one thing, that those people who share the beauty around them in all times are the bravest people. I'm going to write instead some of my thoughts regarding de necessity to create and to share the light and beauty no matter what, no matter the times.

When the evil multiplies, be brave enough to multiply the good. When evil multiplies in the world, you must continue to make everything beautiful around you. Don't let evil swallows you up, but overcome evil with good. Work with the hope that the soil which has been given to you will bring its fruits at the right time. You must keep this in mind, NOTHING that you do for God is in vain, and every small thing you do from love to Him, will be rewarded. There are no better times to share the love, then those times when it gets darker around. Be brave and spread the light even in the darkest places, because "light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5)

Be kind with all people, no matter how they treat you, because those who treat you bad need your love more than anyone else. I'm thinking... yes, this means to BE BRAVE, to be willing to do what others aren't, to love everyone unconditionally, even if you disagree with what they do. Be a person who shares more the good news around her and the bad news less. Wake up every morning with the thought to be thankful, because "today is a gift "and be conscious about what you have instead of grumbling about what you don't have.

Be a gift to this world because God loves the one who give, and He will give to him hundredfold back. Share your bread (your time) with the hungry (the lonely), broke yourself into pieces like the bread that Jesus broke and shared with the disciples, and then said to them to do this in remembrance of Him. When we became a gift we are walking on the footprints of Christ, and we do what He did for us.

But in all things ask for His power.... because oh Lord, without your life in me, I am just an empty vessel that has nothing to offer...


Despre curaj

Nu am sa scriu mai mult despre ziua frumoasa petrecuta cu Monica la Sera, cand ea m-a fotografiat pe mine si eu am pictat-o pe ea, decat ca oamenii care raspandesc frumosul in orice vreme sunt cei mai curajosi oameni. O sa scriu mai bine cateva dintre gandurile mele cu privire la necesitatea da a crea si de a raspandi frumosul si lumina in orice vreme.

Cand raul se inmulteste, fii suficient de curajos si inmulteste binele. Cand raul se inmulteste in lume, tu continua sa faci totul si mai frumos in jurul tau, si nu te lasa inghitit de rau, ci biruieste raul prin bine. Lucreaza cu nadejde pamantul care ti-a fost incredintat si asteapta cu rabdare ca el sa rodeasca. Nimic din ceea ce faci pentru Dumnezeu nu este in zadar, nici macar cel mai marunt lucru. Nu este moment in care oamenii au o mai mare nevoie de dragoste decat atunci cand in jur se face intuneric. Fii curajos si raspandeste lumina chiar si in intunericul cel mai adanc, caci "lumina lumineaza in intuneric si intunericul n-a biruit-o." (Ioan 1:5) Fii bun cu toti oamenii, indiferent cum se poarta ei cu tine, pentru ca acei oameni care se poarta rau au cea mai mare nevoie de dragoste si bunatate.

Asta inseamna sa fii curajos, sa faci ceea ce altii nu sunt dispusi sa faca, si anume sa-i iubesti neconditionat pe cei din jur, nu doar pe tine...

Fii mai bine un raspanditor al vestilor bune decat al celor rele. Trezeste-te in fiecare dimineata cu gandul de a fi multumitor, si constientizeaza mai mult ceea cea ai decat ceea ce nu ai. Fii un dar pentru aceasta lume pentru ca acela care daruieste, sau se daruieste pe sine "cu mana larga" pe acela Dumnezeu il iubeste, si v-a primi insutit inapoi. Imparte painea ta (timpul tau) cu cel flamand (cel singur), frange-te pe tine in bucati asemeni painii pe care a frant-o Hristos si a impartit-o ucenicilor, si carora le-a spus sa faca lucrul acesta spre pomenirea Lui. Cand devenim un dar, calcam pe urmele pasilor Lui si facem ceea ce El a facut pentru noi.

Dar in toate sa ceri puterea LUI... caci fara viata Ta in mine Doamne, sunt doar un vas gol care nu are ce darui...

Letter of thanks

Letter of thanks

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

I thought it will be nice to write this letter, to thank you all for being close to me in many ways in this period of illness. I’ve received so much love and kindness from you and it helped me very very much!

"La vie est belle car elle est eternelle", life is truly beautiful because it really never ends, and I’m glad that we were created to live forever, not only these numbered years on this earth. How wonderful is that?!

I've made this illustration for the doctor who operated me of peritonitis, he had so much kindness and also patience with the unpredictable situations that succeeded the surgery. I'm saying that, because after a week of being at home, the infection grew up again and had to be operated again, and had to spend another 10 days in the hospital... Followed by a period of recuperation and another visit to the hospital with pain that ended to be a small gastritis... let's say that all the people who works in this hospital knows me now :)) and all that makes two months of pain. But in all this period I felt carried on the arms of prayer, and I've learned to see God behind all of you, behind all the doctors and their ability to heal. I saw Him in your acts of kindness, in your words of comfort, in the hours you’ve spend with me ( when you could've done something else), in your smiles and in your gifts that made me feel it was my birthday everyday... :)

Oh, too many times we search for happiness and for the meaning of life in things where it can never be found. If we want to have fullness of life, then we must give ourselves to others, we must help one another and carry each other's burdens.

I always thought that humanism is limited because it's based o the human power, and its pride, but when you see a child of God doing acts of love you see His face, His light that comforts you, and you give glory to God! The pride has no place here, and that makes a huge difference. Truly we are His hands in this world and we must continue to be...

With this I finish my letter to you, and may God bless you all!

With love,



Scrisoare de multumire

"Purtaţi-vă poverile unii altora şi veţi împlini astfel legea lui Hristos!"

Galateni 6:2

M-am gandit ca ar fi potrivit sa scriu postarea asta in semn de multumire, si asta pentru ca am primit atat de multa dragoste in ultima perioada de nici eu nu stiu cum am putut sa o duc! Asa se face ca am plans mult si de durere dar si de bucurie! :)

"La vie est belle car elle est eternelle", viata e frumoasa pentru ca ea este eterna. Viata e cu adevarat frumoasa pentru ca nu are sfarsit, si ma bucur ca am fost creati sa traim vesnic si nu doar un numar de ani limitati pe pamantul acesta.

Ilustratia am facut-o pentru a-i multumi medicului ce m-a operat de peritonita, si care a avut rabdare cu tot imprevizibilul care a aparut pe parcurs, o infectie dupa 10 zile de stat acasa care m-a dus la inca o operatie si inca 10 zile de stat in spital, urmate de mers iar la urgente cu dureri de stomac si altele care au dus la gastrita, sa zicem ca deja tot personalul din spital ma cunoaste :)), iar toate la un loc fac doua luni de dureri unele cumplite altele mai suportabile! Dar in toata perioada asta de suferinta m-am simtit purtata pe brate de rugaciune, si am invatat sa il vad pe Dumnezeu in oameni, in voi, in faptele voastre de dragoste, in cuvintele voastre de incurajare, in clipele, orele petrecute cu mine cand ati fi putut face altceva, in zambetele voastre si in darurile voastre care mi-au inseninat inima si care m-au facut sa simt ca e ziua mea in fiecare zi! :) De multe ori cautam fericirea sau sensul vietii in lucruri nepotrivite, cand defapt se afla in slujire, in fapte marunte de dragoste, in daruirea de sine.

Nu am crezut niciodata in umanism, mereu l-am perceput a fi limitat, si in general nu cred in nimic din ce nu il are pe Dumnezeu ca esenta de baza. Am vazut ca bunatatea si puterea oamenilor fara Dumnezeu e limitata, dar prin puterea Lui ea devine desavarsita. Si asta e un fapt nu o teorie! Da... cu adevarat tu, eu, suntem mainile Lui in lumea asta si asa trebuie sa fie ca totul sa capete forma frumusetii si vetii din belsug.

Si cu asta inchei scrisoarea mea de multumire, si imi doresc ca Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze pe fiecare in parte si sa va rasplateasca efortul si daruirea voastra!

Cu drag si multa pretuire,


p.s. fotografii mai bune nu am reusit sa fac cu toata puterea pe care am avut-o atunci cand le-am facut dar nadajduiesc sa fie primite si asa! :)