32, All Is grace

Why are you worthy my God?

Because Eben-Ezer (“Thus far the Lord has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12)  
Because Eben-Ezer has been true into my life too!  You have carried me on the hills and through the valleys, to free me from the Idol of myself and to be metamorphosed in something that glorifies You Alone! In everything,  you've showed me that every instant of time is grace, every good thing in me and every work of kindness is done by grace, yes, nothing in me, Everything in You. Thank You Lord for these opened eyes...opened by You;

Thank You for life, thank you for carrying me always, thank you for the work You have started in me, and that "You will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus."(Philippians 1:6)

Thank you for lifting me up every time I've felled down. Thank you for allowing me to fall, because through falling I've started to see further than myself. Falls are gifts, or they become gifts when we put them in Your hands. Falls bring humbleness, and humbleness enriches the soul with beauty, and then, the soul becomes a gift itself for the world around. But, yes, in the middle of the fall I need faith to see Your hand, this Hand in which even the soil of my soul can become fruitful.

"Christ demands me to believe in the light of His day, in the middle of the night." ( Samuel Rutherford)

And all I want is  to obey His calling, to live like that, to walk by faith even when I cannot see the light, knowing that if I step forward His light will meet me at  the end of the road. Thank You for teaching me to live by faith beyond feelings, through pure reason. Thank you for teaching me to see You  through the eyes of the soul, and to rejoice  in your gifts by faith.
Thank You Lord for the gift of life, for creating all things different!  Every life is unique, even mine, and we can not be compared with one another in Your eyes.  Your plan is only  blessing for each one of us. Oh, if only we would give ourselves to You entirely...
Help me oh Lord to search You always, to delight in You always, to keep my way straight on the road that leads to Eternity.  Help me to wait only for Your help  always and to remain awake until the end!
Thank You for teaching me to see Your beauty in the people around me, in nature, in everything that  You have created, thank you for such as the Jewish people, I've learned to count the gifts I receive daily from Your hands and I've learned to see the simplicity of life  and ordinary things as priceless gifts.
Now the sun  rises more splendid at my window and he caresses  the flowers from the pots, then embraces the wall  behind my bed , and then, oh yes, with its soft and warm light, it embraces me too.

Oh, Grace, It is grace to be able to see that all is Grace!

Thank you for the revelation of Your presence in my life too, Yes, You are " I am What I Am" and You hold all things through the power of Your hands.
Thank You because with each passing year, I am one step closer to the place where You are!

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32,  totul e har!

De ce esti Tu vrednic de lauda Doamne?

Pentru ca  Eben-Ezer  ( "Până aici Domnul ne-a ajutat." 1 Samuel 7: 12) pentru ca Eben-Ezer s-a implinit si in viata mea din plin, Tu m-ai purtat pe culmi si prin vai,  spre metamorfozarea sinelui meu in ceva ce trebuia sa iti aduca slava doar Tie, si prin toate mi-ai aratat ca fiecare clipa e har,  fiecare lucru bun pe care il pot face bun e har.  TOTUL  e har si nimc in mine, dar totul in Tine.  Multumesc Doamne pentru acesti ochi deschisi de Tine,  pentru aceast suflet despietrit si pentru sfaramarea sinelui la care inca mai lucrezi si acum...
Multumesc pentru ca m-ai purtat, si pentru ca ma vei tot purta, multumesc pentru ca Tu Ai inceput o lucrare in mine si o vei duce la bun sfarsit.
Multumesc pentru ca nu ai ingaduit caderi din care sa nu fiu ridicata, multumesc pentru ca Ai ingaduit sa cad, iar in cadere am putut vedea ca mai exista si altceva dincolo de mine insami.  Caderile sunt daruri, sau devin daruri atunci cand sunt puse in mainile Tale. Caderile  aduc  smerenie, iar smerenia imbogateste sufletul,  si sufletul odata imbogatit se transforma el insusi intr-un dar pentru lumea aceasta. Dar da, in mijlocul caderii am nevoie de credinta  sa pot vedea Mana Ta,  Mana care poate transforma si pamantul sufletului meu intr-un pamant roditor.  
 "Hristos imi cere sa cred in lumina zilei Lui, la miezul noptii." ( Samuel Rutherford)

Iar eu vreau sa ii dau ascultare si sa traiesc astfel, sa pasesc prin credinta chiar in miez de noapte, stiind ca numai inaintand voi da de lumina Lui. Multumesc pentru ca ma Inveti sa traiesc prin credinta dincolo de simtire, prin pura ratiune.

Multumesc pentru ca ma inveti sa Te vad prin ochii sufletului, si sa ma pot bucura prin credinta de darurile tale.Tot intr-o cadere m-ai invatat ca viata este un dar, si ca viata mea este unica, si ca ea nu poate fi comparata cu a nici unui om.  Planul Tau este bogat, si frumos pentru fiecare suflet in parte. Oh daca toti ni te-am darui Tie... daca toti ne-am tine calea dreapta, acea cale din urma pasilor Tai...  Ajuta-mi Doamne, sa privesc mereu cu seninatate si credinta catre Tine, si sa pasesc pana in vesnicii pe urmele pasilor Tai, sa astept doar ajutorul Tau, si sa nu cad de oboseala in drumul spre Cer.
Multumesc pentru ca m-ai invatat sa vad frumusetea Ta in oameni, in natura, in tot ceea ce Ai creat frumos, multumesc pentru ca asemeni evreilor, m-ai invatat sa numar darurile pe care le primesc  zilnic din mana Ta si sa vad simplitatea vietii, si lucrurile obisnuite ca fiind daruri de mare pret.
Multumesc pentru ca acum, soarele rasare si mai frumos la fereastra mea si mangaie florile rasfirate din givece, apoi intra in camera unde dorm  si cuprinde peretele intreg cu lumina lui catifelata si calda, iar mai apoi ma cuprinde si pe mine toata.  

Oh, cat har, sa pot vedea ca totul e har!

Multumesc pentru ca Tu Te-ai aratat si sufletului meu,  da, Tu Esti Cel e Esti si Tu Tii toate lucrurile prin puterea manilor Tale.  
Multumesc pentru ca un an in plus inseamna inca un pas mai aproape de Cer!