His smile

 “The beauty of this world is Christ's tender smile coming to us through matter.”  Simone Weil, Waiting for God

This morning, as earlier as it can be called early for a person who is not an early bird, I woke up and everything was white, "it's still snowing" I've said!! I got up from the bed, I dressed myself up with the warmest clothes I've found, I've put some bread in a brawn paper bag and warm tea in my thermos, then I left the house to fed the mew gulls in the snow.  With the camera on my shoulder, all muffled up as I was about to leave into a big adventure to  the North Pole :)),  walking  with the nose in the wind and with the biggest smile on my face, I notice that I am not the only one who is amazed by all the beauty around! While I say "bonjour' and share smiles with the passengers, I think and whisper 'Thank You God, for Your Smile!", this smile which fils the world unconditionally...

Maybe... maybe through this discipline of counting the gifts that we receive daily, we become people who see more the beauty than the ugliness and the good more than the bad. And this  will take us into living a life that grows higher over the life raging waters. To live a victorious life means to pass through all things looking at Jesus, looking at His tender smile, and walking forward in faith keeping the feet on the road that takes to Haven.

I hear joyful voices, I see children playing and smiling in the snow , I smile at their joy... I try not to think of my feet that are frozen and I can barely feel them, because I want to stay here. I want to multiply this instant with an eternity ... that the earth may always be white, and my soul unstained...

You are the wonder in me, the wonder in all that breaths and has life...



Frumusetea Lumii este zambetul bland al Lui Hristos care razbate pana la noi prin materie." (Simone Weil - Waiting for God)

Astazi, de dimineata, atat de dimineata cat poate insemna pentru un om care nu e prea matinal, m-am trezit si totul era alb, "inca ninge" mi-am spus! Apoi plina de bucurie m-am ridicat din pat, m-am imbracat cu cele mai groase haine pe care le-am gasit in dulap, am pus paine intr-o punga de hartie maronie si ceai in termos apoi am pornit sa hranesc pescarusii printre fulgii de nea. Cu aparatul foto pe umar si infofolita de parca as fi plecat intr-o mare aventura la Polul Nord :)) , in timp ce inaintez  cu nasul in vant si cu zambetul pana la urechi observ ca nu sunt singura uimita  de toata frumusetea din jur, de acest dar venit de sus, lucru care face ca bucuria mea sa creasca si mai mult. In timp ce spun "bonjour" si schimb zambete cu trecatorii, ma gandesc si soptesc "Iti multumesc Doamne pentru zambetul Tau!", acest zambet care coboara itr-un mod neconditionat si fara masura  peste toate fapturile pamantului...

Poate ca prin deprinderea cu obiceiul  de a numi darurile pe care le primim zilnic, devenim oameni care vad mai mult frumosul decat uratul si mai mult binele decat raul...  Iar de aici si trairea unei vieti care se inalta pana pe deasupra apelor involburate ale vietii. Sa traiesti fiind mai mult decat biruitor inseamna sa treci prin toate lucrurile nu prin puterea ta ci  privind tinta la Hristos,  privind tinta la zambetul Lui si inaintand in nadejde pe calea catre Cer!
Vad  zambete de copii cu obrajii rosii,  le aud glasurile vesele jucadu-se in zapada si ii vad minunandu-se asa cum doar copiii stiu sa o faca...

Incerc sa nu ma gandesc la picioarele mele care sunt inghetate si pe care abia le mai simt, pentru ca vreau sa raman aici... si sa inmultesc  clipa de acum cu o eternitate... sa fie mereu alb pamantul, la fel si sufletul meu curatit de Tine Doamne...

Tu esti minunea din mine, minunea din tot ce are viata si suflare...


Glimpses of Heaven

There is a sense in these words : "So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." (1 Corinthians 3:7)
I've always been amazed by the perfection of nature, and wandered often how come should I be pleased in believing that everything  appeared just like that through "Big-bang", when there is so much diversity and intelligence in everything that has been created!?  There can't be just it, but an extraordinary mind must have thought and create everything, and that mind is Him who's name is "I Am Who I Am". The theory of evolution can't sustain herself, and cannot stay firm in the front of an open minded person  who is willing to know the truth. How much sadness there is in the fact that many  people are thankful enough just by adopting the ideologies of others without searching any further...
Indeed the way of Christianity is not an easy way, and I would rather say it is the hardest, but once you've  lived these words :  "Oh, taste and see how good in the Lord." (Psalm 34:8), nothing can ever sound deeper and real than this, and you keep going forward through valleys and over hills, knowing  that at the end of the road the everlasting kingdom waits for you, and in the front of it with arms wide open there is Him in all of His splendor and goodness saying : "Well done, good and trustworthy servant!...Come and share your master’s joy!" (Mathew 25:23)  
The way of Christianity does not keep you away from hardships, and I dare to say that you'll have to face more difficulties  than any other people who are not following this path. But once you have been touched by the love of Christ you cannot step backward, and every effort and sacrifice is worthy of Him. As the gold is proved by fire, so must the Christians be tested, so that the faith that is in them would be proved real and not being just a passing emotion. I've seen so many times the beauty that comes outside from a soul who was tested in fire, and oh, what a wonderful view, to see the realness of faith in a human, how the beauty of victory makes him more taller then the entire world...
The Wonder it's You, God... the wonder it's us and every glimpse of Heavenly beauty left on Earth that spurs us to think that The Everything is more than here, now..

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Sclipiri de Cer
Exista un sens suprem in  cuvintele : "...nici cel ce sădeşte, nici cel ce udă nu sunt nimic; ci Dumnezeu, care face să crească. " 1 corinteni 3:7
Intotdeauna m-am minunat de perfectiunea naturii  si m-am intrebat adesea, cum sa fiu multumita de gandul ca totul a aparut asa "Bing-Bang" si ca Universul in toata splendoarea lui este doar rezultatul evolutiei, cand exista atat de multa diversitate si inteligenta in tot ce este creat!? Nu se poate ca totul sa fie doar atat, ci o minte extraordinara trebuie sa fi gandit si creat totul, si aceea  trebuie sa fie a Lui, "Eu Sunt Cel Ce Sunt".  Teoria evolutionismul nu se poate sustine pe ea insasi, si nu poate sta in picioare in fata unei minti deschise spre a cunoaste adevarul. Cata tristete in faptul ca oamenii  in general,  se multumesc sa adopte  ideologii constatate de altii si nu cauta mai departe de atat...
Cu adevarat crestinismul nu este o cale usoara, ba chiar este cea mai grea, dar odata ce ai avut parte de "Gustati si  vedeti ce bun este Domnul!"(Psalmul 34:8) nimic nu mai poate rasuna la fel de adevarat in tine insuti, si mergi inaintand prin vai si peste dealuri, stiind ca la capatul drumului  se iveste Cetatea Vesnica, in fata careia asteapta Creatorul, Tatal,  in toata bunatatea si frumusetea Lui spunand : "Bine rob bun si credincios... intra in bucuria stapanului Tau." (Matei 25:23)
Calea crestinismului nu te fereste de necazuri, ba uneori ai parte de mai multe necazuri pentru ca se da o lupta pentru fiecare suflet in parte, si la fel ca aurul, crestinul trebuie sa treaca prin foc, ca astfel credinta lui sa se dovedeasca a fi reala si nu doar o emotie trecatoare, iar din fiecare vale prin care trece, crestinul iese  tot mai frumos... tot mai inalt.. :)
Minunea Esti Tu Doamne... minunea suntem noi si toate sclipirile de frumusete cereasca lasate pe Pamant, care ne indeamna sa gandim ca nu e totul, atat, aici, acum...